We are the largest Czech manufacturer of convectors and enjoy long-term recognition as one of the leading European producers

Welcome to the website of MINIB, manufacturer and distributor of heaters/convectors of various kinds. We seek to deliver products that are reliable over the long run, and which not only provide heat, but also increase the quality of living and workspaces. It is our wish that the products we offer become a part of your everyday life.

What are convectors?

  • Convectors are efficient, modern, cost-saving, and aesthetically pleasing heaters.
  • They draw cold air into a heat exchanger, and return heated air to the surrounding room..
  • The reverse principle is used for supplementary cooling..

How convector works?

Why MINIB convectors?

Energy saving and dynamic heating/cooling

  • we use highly energy-efficient DC 12V fan coil motors - their average consumption is only 7W per running meter of convector
  • you only need about 0.5 l per running meter of convector length - thanks to this low volume, the convector responds immediately to current heating or cooling needs

User comfort

  • The negligible energy consumption makes fan motor control even easier, and provides for increased convenience and comfort.

Brand respectability

  • Heating output is tested in an accredited test chamber pursuant to European Standard EN 442.


  • All convectors are powered using safe 12 V current.


  • We are ready to manufacture convectors of non-standard dimensions, arch convectors, and convectors with slanted joints between troughs

Space saver

  • nicely blends in with the look of existing interiors, enhances a modern design

Be not afraid to ask - we gladly give advice!

We are happy to provide competent guidance in your choice of just the right convector for your premises – just drop us a line.

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