Are you buying a heat pump and want to save up to 50% on heating?

• Choose a MINIB convector as your heating element and get the most economical heating
• Easy retrofit application - you can easily replace an old radiator with the convector
• Provides heating in winter and cooling in summer

Chart comparing the price of heating depending on the water temperature - with convectors you can save up to 50 % 

Convectors  – the most economical heating solution to a heat pump 

Are you interested in saving energy and purchasing heat pumps, geothermal or solar energy sources? Then it is crucial to choose the right heating element. And convectors are the best choice here.

Heat pumps operate at low temperatures and convectors are the ideal partner for this low-temperature technology. Their ability to work efficiently with low temperatures allows heat pumps to perform optimally. This leads to energy savings while saving the environment.

How can you save up to 50% of your heating costs with a convector?

Most heat pumps operate optimally at a medium water temperature of 45°C. However, radiators require a mean water temperature of 55°C for heating. This means that the heat pump output must be increased to achieve the required water temperature - which means that the cost of the heat produced will increase by around 25-30%.

In contrast, the MINIB convector with a specially adapted fan allows more heat to be extracted by efficient airflow than traditional radiators (based on radiation). This means that the convector only needs to operate with a water temperature of around 35°C. As a result of this combination, the cost of heat is reduced by up to 50% compared to the heat pump-radiator variant.

Let's summarize other advantages of using MINIB  convectors MINIB: 

  • Efficient heating at heating water temperatures from 30 °C, efficient cooling at cold water temperatures down to 20 °C
  • Convectors increase the efficiency and reduce the losses of the heating system
  • Fast response of the heating/cooling system
  • Easy replacement of radiators (retrofit)
  • Trouble-free operation and long service life (10-year warranty on key components)
  • Variability of design - floor, wall, free-standing, windowsill and ceiling variant
  • Modern design for every type of interior
  • Connection to smart home systems or completely autonomous operation
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation options
  • Compact dimensions and user comfort

If you want efficient low-temperature heating, i.e. convector heaters and heat pumps, please contact us with this request.

Save up to 50% on heating



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