The experimental and calculated values of the acoustic pressure (noise) were obtained by measuring selected MINIB convectors samples at a distance of 1 m from the measured object at an angle of 45o from the floor.

The convector was fixed in the floor with concrete in an acoustically hard room. When the convector is installed for example in a residential room with furniture or a carpet, a subsequent noise level of 1 to 2 dB lower than that given here can be considered because of the noise absorptivity of the furnished area. For completeness, we point out that the noise of a personal computer in the same room was also measured for comparison and the determined noise level corresponded to 40.8 dB.

The above-specified graphically represented dependencies, which are shown always separately for a certain group of convectors, imply that almost in all cases the minimum speed (speed 1) and medium speed (speed 2) of the fan complies with the requirements of the standards for daytime operation (up to 40dB) and nighttime operation (up to 30dB) in residential rooms. For these reasons we propose designing MINIB convectors with speed 2 or, as the case may be, with speed 1 for some convector types. When choosing the speed level it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the rooms in question, layout of the room, type of floor design, and the number, type, length and location of the convector. For rooms where noise minimization is required we recommend designing convectors with minimum fan speed where the sound pressure is almost negligible relative to the normal noise background in the interior if the convector is installed correctly. When installing convectors in hollow floors we strongly recommend adding anti-vibration foil in order to comply with the noise limits. The installation instructions must be strictly followed during the installation. More detailed information on the installation is provided in the installation instructions. Noise levels for convectors – new models which are not shown in the charts will be provided upon request. 

Pressure drops of MINIB heat exchangers

Graphs for all  heat exchangers lengths and number of tubes (2-pipe, 4-pipe, ...) diameter 12 mm and 15 mm - see following link:

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