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How to Choose a High-Performance Convector with Minimal Noise?

Models without a fan often do not achieve the desired power, while models with a fan scare away buyers with their noise. Let's find out if we should be afraid of fan noise.


Thanks to many years of experience and constant improvement of the fan design, we havemanaged to achieve an extremely low noise level. To drive the fans, we use modernelectronically commutated (EC) motors, which show high efficiency, long service life, significantly lower noise and electricity consumption compared to commonly used alternatingcurrent (AC) motors. The convectors contain their own microprocessor-controlled unit, whichallows smooth control of speed and power using different types of thermostats or BMS systems.

The level of acoustic pressure, as well as the heating power, depends on the type, size of theconvector and the speed of the fan. At higher speeds, the noise level increases, which is whyit is advisable to choose a convector not only according to the power, but also the noiseproduced at the required power. For spaces with noise minimization requirements, werecommend limiting the speed to the first stage, at which the acoustic pressure is almostnegligible compared to the common noise background.

An example of the heat output and acoustic pressure of the KT 243x125 convector dependingon the length and speed of the fan is shown in the graphs below. As we can see, the heatingpower of convectors at just 1 speed is many times greater compared to natural convection, and the noise level of the longest convector does not even exceed 23dB.

You can find the exact values of acoustic pressure and heating power for all types ofconvectors in the technical sheets on our website.

Advantage of MINIB tangential fans for floor convectors:

- Safe voltage 12 V DC (T series convectors), 24 V DC (KT, HC series convectors)

- Very quiet operation at the lowest speed

- Low power consumption

- High durability of the EC motor

- Smooth operation of the fan speed using voltage in the range of 0-10 V

- Simple implementation into complex control systems

We are happy to advise you not only in terms of noise. Contact us by phone  +420 604 767 677, email office@minib.cz or throughyour sales representative.

heating output KT 243x125 Q [W] - speed 0-3
Heating Output - KT 243x125 Q [W]
Equivalent acoustic pressure level LAeq,2m [dB] - measurement at a distance of 2m
Equivalent acoustic pressure level LAeq,2m [dB], measurement at a distance of 2m from the noise source at 1m height
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